World Championships

World Championships

2013 Auckland, New Zealand

IIn 2013, only Axel was able to attend this event due to the distance and costs involved. Through sponsorships received, Axel was able to attend.


After a week of illness leading into the event, Axel managed to regroup and fought his way throught the round into the semi finals, where, coming from an outside gate, he was tagged by another rider going down, throuwing him into the top barier of the first turn, and out of the race.

World Championships

2012 Birmingham, England


In 2012, Axel and Liam traveled to Birmingham.


Axel made it through to the main event, and finished up 5th, after a coming together on the last straight with another rider.


Liam made it into the 1/4 finals before being taken down by a fellow competitor.

World Championships

2010 Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

The 2010 UCI BMX Worls was a home event for Liam and Axel, as they still lived in South Africa and raced under their born nationality.


Both raced in both the 20" and Cruiser classes.


Liam managed to get into the 1/4 finals before crashing on the second straight and going out on his 20". On his cruiser, semi-finals were end station for him.



Axel managed the semi-finals on his cruiser as well before being eliminated.


On his 20" he showed masive courage before the home crowd, racing his way into the finals, and coming through into second at the line.

World Championships

2011 Copenhagen, Denmark


The 2011 World Championships must come as one of the highlights of Axels career. In the 20" class, he raced his way onto the podium, taking 3rd in the main event.


On the Sunday he followed it up in the Cruiser class with another podium, but this time making it to the top, winning the boys 11/12 Cruiser World Challenge Championship title.


After a fall in the motos, Liam managed to fisght his way into the 1/4 finals, where a crash in the first corner saw him exit the championships with a badly damaged finger.


In the sunday Cruiser Class he managed the semi-finals, but did not transfer through to the finals.

World Championships

2009 Adelaide, Australia


This was the first World Championships the boys attended. Needless to say, the excitement levels were high, but both showed exceptional charactor and held their wits about them.


In the Cruiser classes, both boys made the semi-finals before being eliminated.


In 20", Liam had good laps all day and qualified through into the semi-finals, where a 5th saw his championships come to an end.


Axel worked his way through all his qualifiers and made the main event, where a coming together in the last corner while fighting to a podium spot saw him crash ut and finish in 8th. His first worlds and a W8.