2015 SX Papendal

2015 SX Round 2,

Papendal, Netherlands


The second stop on the World Cup calendar in 2015 was again at the Olympic Training Centre of the Dutch National Team, in Papendal, Holland.


After the past 2 years of wet, cold and windy weather, everybody was hoping for a little more sunshine than in the past. And the weather played along, although still windy, but warmer and dry.


Liam again lined up in the biggest field to date at a World Cup, and had the luck (or un-luck) of the draw, drawing all the top names in each of his 3 qualifying motos. Having to score and average of 2,6 to qualify, it was going to be a hard ask.

He poised himself well, but was unfortunate and came home with a 7, 5, 5 in the motos, not making it through to the next days racing.


The competition was of sucha hig level, that unfortunately noneof the German riders managed to get through to day 2, and were all sent home early in the motos.


Round 3 will be in Sweden at the beginging of September.

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