Pardubice Int Open

European Races


Within Europe, there are two international series events that riders can participate in.

The European League Series is open to all European riders, and is goverened by the European Cycling Commission (UEC), and run under the UEC rules and are UCI catagory C1 points events.


A seperate European Championship event is held as the Continental Championships, by the UEC, under the guidlines set out by the UCI and is a catagory CC points event.


The 3Nations Cup is a seperate series run between the federations of Holland, Germany and Belgium. These races are also UCI catagory C1 Points events

Pardibice International Open, Pardibice, Czech Republic


After the wet weekend in Zolder, the weather on the other side of Germany was a sunny 18 degrees and friendly.

The annual Pardubice Open, a C1 category race for the Championship Classes was on the calendar, and in order to get a little more race practice in, Liam and Axel decided to go and race.


Axel managed to make a clean sweep, winning his motos, qualifiers and Finals, with the focus for the weekend being on having good clean laps.


Liam had some tough competition, but managed to show the good form he had in Zolder and took moto wins and qualifying through to the Finals. From gate 1 he managed to get out the gate well and took the lead into the first corner, where he stayed until crossing the finishing line, taking his first Jnr Men win of his career.