EL Massigny 2105

European Races


Within Europe, there are two international series events that riders can participate in.

The European League Series is open to all European riders, and is goverened by the European Cycling Commission (UEC), and run under the UEC rules and are UCI catagory C1 points events.


A seperate European Championship event is held as the Continental Championships, by the UEC, under the guidlines set out by the UCI and is a catagory CC points event.


The 3Nations Cup is a seperate series run between the federations of Holland, Germany and Belgium. These races are also UCI catagory C1 Points events

European League Cup, Rounds 3 & 4, Massigny, France


After the wet weekend in Zolder, we were looking forward to some sunshine in Frnace, however it was not to be and proved to be even wetter, if that was possible. With continuous rain throughout the entire weekend, every race was held in muddy conditions.


Friday's training proved hard on the riders who were trying to get to grips with the tough conditions, but there was no time to worry about getting wet.

Friday evenings championship classes ran fast, with many riders feeling the pain of having to race every 12 minutes. In the men's classes, 1/8 finals had to be run, putting more pressure on the riders. Liam managed to stay positive in the rough conditions and raced his way into the semi finals, winning all motos and qualifiers before that, but the tough conditions took their toll and he only crossed the line 6th in the semi's, not taking that final step into the finals.


Saturday afternoon saw Axel take to the track and with 1/16 finals in the 15/16 boys class, there was a lot of racing to be done to get all the way to the mains. Working hard and getting through the motos and qualifiers well, Axel lined up for the finals and after a great start hit the first jump a wheel ahead of the other riders. Unfortunately a mistake saw him loose control and he went down hard. He managed to get up after a while and walked his way to the finish line.


Saturday evening saw round 4 for the Championship classes once again put themselves through the muddy conditions. Again Liam managed to get through the motos with reasonable ease, into the 1/8's and 1/4's before falling victim to the conditions and not progressing further.


Sunday we where all greatful it was our last day in the rain, which was now falling even harder than before. With a mixed bag of results through the motos and qualifiers, Axel again managed to make the finals, but a bad start saw him in the middle of the pack, and he got sqeezed out, loosing momentum, and not being able to recover enough, crossing the line in 7th.


A tough weekend for riders, bikes, mechanics and coaches. A big thanks to the pit crew that ensured Liam and Axel had clean bikes before each race, and a BIG thnaks to coach Lars for runnning around in the rain all weekend.