British Open 2015

European Races


Within Europe, there are two international series events that riders can participate in.

The European League Series is open to all European riders, and is goverened by the European Cycling Commission (UEC), and run under the UEC rules and are UCI catagory C1 points events.


A seperate European Championship event is held as the Continental Championships, by the UEC, under the guidlines set out by the UCI and is a catagory CC points event.


The 3Nations Cup is a seperate series run between the federations of Holland, Germany and Belgium. These races are also UCI catagory C1 Points events

2015 British BMX Series


Over the weekend of 7 and 8 April 2015, Liam traveled to participate in the first rond of the 2015 British BMX Series which was held at the Manchester Indoor Arena.


On Saturday he raced in the C1 event in his Junior Men class and after unclipping in the first moto, fought his way back in the remaining motos to qualify all the way through to the finals.

Starting from gate 7, he missed the gate and had to fight from the back, and managed a very respectable 4, gaining some valuable UCI points at the same time.


He will be returning back to base for two weeks before leaving on another week long training camp to Belgium and Holland.

To watch a video of the final, please click here