3 Nations Ahnatal

European Races


Within Europe, there are two international series events that riders can participate in.

The European League Series is open to all European riders, and is goverened by the European Cycling Commission (UEC), and run under the UEC rules and are UCI catagory C1 points events.


A seperate European Championship event is held as the Continental Championships, by the UEC, under the guidlines set out by the UCI and is a catagory CC points event.


The 3Nations Cup is a seperate series run between the federations of Holland, Germany and Belgium. These races are also UCI catagory C1 Points events

3 Nations Cup, Round 1 -

Ahnatal, Germany


This years 3 Nations Cup events between Germany, Netherlands and Belgium started in Ahnatal, Germany. With a record number of entries for this event, the racing was sure to be fast and exciting.


As usual, the Saturday is reserved for all Challenge classes, with the Sunday being the UCI C1 Catagory event for the Championship classes.


This meant that only Axel raced the Saturday event. Making his way through the motos and qualifiers he lined up for the main event. A mistake in the first corner saw him pushed up high and loose a few positions. He fought back hard but only managed to cross the line in 4th.


Sunday was another good day for Axel, winning all motos and qualifiers and lining up for the mains again. An unsporting clap from one of the 17-29 riders behind caused a few riders to react, Axel being one, thereby missing the gate completely. He had to race hard to catch up to the pack, but another mistake on the 3rd straight saw him exit the track, and roll home in 7th.

Liam on the other hand had an awesome day, winning every race into the finals, and then took an early lead and raced to his second C1 victory of the year ahead of the current European League points leader in Junior Men. More points and a good start to the series.


Round 2 will be in 2 weeks time in Baarn, Netherlands.